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Kitchen & Bath Upgrades

Kitchen & Bath Upgrades

Kitchen & Bath Upgrades


The average cost of a complete kitchen replacement now tops $20,000; this is out of the reach of many homeowners. Yet many of these same homeowners have the financial resources to part with a few thousand dollars to get the next best thing which is a professional kitchen face lift. Leaving the wall and floor cabinets in place, install new doors, counter tops, hardware, tile back splash, accent lighting and trim to make even the dullest kitchen look new and exciting for a fraction of the cost of a total kitchen replacement. Renovate Your Half Bath or Powder Room Always apologizing to your guests for the outdated, dingy half-bath? Turn it into a mini-luxury escape. As a small room, you can get away with some daring colors, materials, and designs. Your design/build team can also help you improve lighting and ventilation. And why not add some elegant wall shelving to store towels, soaps, lotions and other bathroom amenities that will delight anyone who has to “duck out of the party” for a moment?

Window Treatments

Kitchen & Bath Upgrades

Kitchen & Bath Upgrades


 Whether you come to our showroom or we bring our showroom to you, this is the best way to get an up-close-and-personal feel for the window fashions you’re considering. You just have to see and feel their distinguishing features for yourself. When it comes to interior shutters, blinds, or shades, we have you covered.  We will find a type, color, and company that best fits your needs and your budget.  Great window treatments can brighten and transform the most important and noteworthy features of your home..your windows.

Plus, you get the extra personal touch of a friend or neighbor who is here for you, day in and day out.  


Kitchen & Bath Upgrades

Custom Cabinetry


Whether you are looking to replace the carpeting in your home or want to update your kitchen flooring, our team will be able to provide the ideal flooring option for your home transformation.  

We offer all of the best names in flooring options for your home or rental property:





Luxury Vinyl (LVT & LVP)

Natural Stone

We also offer refinishing for terazzo flooring.

Custom Cabinetry

Update Interior or Exterior Doors, Molding & Trim

Custom Cabinetry


Have you ever owned a house and no matter what you do, you can't get the big box stores to provide a cabinet that will fit exactly in that space in your guest bath? Do you like the idea of organization and custom closets, but hate the idea of the "franchised closet people" coming into your home for the hard sell? We have experienced all of those frustrations, and have a relatively simple solution: Custom. And then you ask....isn't custom equivalent to expensive? It could be but it does not have to be. Custom in cabinetry and storage can simply mean we can build it, even to fit in that space...or even to match what you currently have but need extended and it can also mean stunning, exactly what you dreamed of, no big box cookie cutter, custom designs that will surprise and delight you each time you enter the room or open the drawer. 

Update Interior or Exterior Doors, Molding & Trim

Update Interior or Exterior Doors, Molding & Trim

Update Interior or Exterior Doors, Molding & Trim


Many homes suffer from inconsistent interior doors, and trim is often one of the last things people consider when remodeling. These two items can significantly impact the cohesive look of your home. Also, depending on how old your interior doors are, or what materials they’re made out of, they may look dingy and might not fit easily, causing noise when opened or closed. Today’s interior doors come in many options from real solid, engineered or faux wood to fire resistant, bi-fold and pocket doors. The fastest and least inexpensive way to improve a home’s interior appearance is to install decorative baseboard, crown, and door moldings. The market for interior moldings and installation services is absolutely huge, both for home renovations and new construction. You can market your products and services to home builders, interior decorators, or directly to consumers seeking to upgrade their homes. Don’t underestimate the power of the front door. It greets guests, it boosts curb appeal, and it can even lower your utility bills. So, if you’re looking for a small, yet powerful update for your home, this might just be the one. 

Interior Design

Update Interior or Exterior Doors, Molding & Trim

Update Interior or Exterior Doors, Molding & Trim


 Interior Decor:  Looking to put the final touches on your home by choosing lighting, colors, window treatments, artwork, and more? Through a well thought out and interactive process whether you are in your home or thousands of miles away, our team can help spruce up, make modest updates, or put the finishing touches on your home by conducting personal shopping for those final items through our procured trade partners. We offer amazing selections especially chosen for you at trade prices.

Special Event Decor:  Coming in for the holidays and want just the right touches upon your arrival? We offer holiday decorating services from the simple, make it feel like the holidays, to the extravagant full house holiday make over. Simply give us a color palate, a budget and the keys and arrive to a ready to enjoy holiday getaway.

More Ways We Help Our Clients


Custom Indoor Counter tops

  They’re not just for the kitchen anymore. Bathroom counter tops, minibars, custom living room entertainment centers, patios and other places where you might have a sink or an established sitting area could benefit from new counter tops. Natural and engineered stone counter tops look timeless and now come in a plethora of patterns and colors. The options for new laminates are endless and work for just about any budget. Glass tile back splashes can bedazzle your guests.  


Custom Outdoor Living Spaces

 While the majority of modern outdoor kitchens still have a grill as the central fixture, most have evolved into an extension of the home’s living space.  Many people would like to incorporate into their design the same conveniences they have inside, if not more. Custom outdoor kitchens can consist of wine chillers, under counter refrigerators, pizza ovens, wet bars, fireplaces, side burners, smokers, warming drawers and even roasting spits. Below you will find some awesome outdoor kitchen design ideas as well as some tips that will make your patio stylish and inviting, enjoy! 


Pull and Replace

 Have you ever heard of a  Pull-and-Replace Kitchen Remodel?  You don’t have to “go deep” on every kitchen remodeling project. A “Pull-and-Replace” project can make a big impact without making a huge dent in structure or budget. For example:

  • Chef-grade appliances—Indulge in a new double convection oven, an updated gas stove top or an industrial-size refrigerator that can accommodate your cooking passions.
  • An Island—Add a fantastic focal point with a stunning countertop, additional cabinet storage and seating where your family can gather for meal prep and eating together.
  • Cabinets—Just updating the colors and fixtures can make the kitchen new again, but also consider space-saving pull-out shelving. Store kitchen appliances or utensils that are taking up counter space, while keeping them within easy reach. Fun Accessories—Fun fixtures, knobs, and handles can take your kitchen from blah to beautiful in no time.
  • Flooring—New, more durable, easy-to-clean and comfortable flooring options are continuously available. Think about upgrading to hardwood or ceramic floors.


Organizing, Staging

 Organizing and Staging: Many of our team members have been in the real estate business for years. Combined our team members have staged, bought, and sold in the thousands of properties including primary homes, vacation homes, rental and investment places, condos and town homes. In one year, our owner bought and sold 12 properties. All of her sold properties went under agreement the first day on MLS due to the proper staging. All of those properties also closed with the first buyer. Presenting your property for sale does not have to include any expensive remodeling. A touch of paint here and a closet straightening there and your home will have the best possible chance of obtaining the price point you are looking to achieve, with the no hassle close you want. Savvy buyers know that photo editing is a real estate agent's new best friend. Surprise and delight your potential buyers with offering an in person experience that is as good as your agent's photography. If you are in need of some organization or downsizing "stuff" we can quickly assist whether in person or remotely via video in deciding what to keep, what to donate, and what to trash. If you are in need of getting your property sold as easily as possible, our personalized staging assessment will help you decide what to do in order to obtain a quick and easy sale at a price point you desire.