By: Beach Floor and Décor

1. Buying Furniture That’s Too Big or Too Small


Ensure the furniture is appropriate for the size of the room. The best way to do this to measure out the pieces you’re looking to purchase. The key is to draw floor plans to scale, with exact measurements. The planning part of the process allows you to know exactly what is the best fit for your space and you can avoid making any purchase mistakes!

 2.  Not Understanding Scale

It takes an impeccable eye to ensure the scale of a room is done right. When you walk into a room you don’t want it to be bottom heavy. Everything in the room should never be the same size or height. Different heights/sizes can be accomplished in your furnishings, wall art, and window treatments. This will help give the eye something to land on.

3.  Painting First

A common mistake is painting a room first. Prior to picking up your paint brush, you must pick out the fabrics, rugs, and curtains first. It’s easier to find a paint color to go with your favorite fabrics than the other way around. When you find a textile/fabric you love and you’re happy with your choices, pick out a paint shade from the chosen items.

4.  Phobia of Color

As designers, we often see homeowners who were “too scared” to add a vibrant color or some life into their home.  People tend to choose comfort colors and it turns out looking extremely bland and sometimes boring. Especially in Florida, exciting colors bring a sense of life and even positivity to any home.  One thing we have seen help clients choose a color that suits their home is keeping a Pinterest board of different colors, which helps visualize the end product. However, be careful not to clash colors!

5.  Following The Latest Trends

By following the latest trends in design, your home is just like every other home on the block.  It’s okay to show your personality; don’t be afraid to add a splash of your own taste, even if it is unconventional. After all, if you follow trends, your place will soon look outdated instead of timeless.

There are many common mistakes when it comes to interior design. Thankfully, there are solutions. The key is to be aware and do research prior to designing your room. If all else fails, and you become too frustrated, then it’s time to hire an interior designer for consultation and to help you achieve your dream home without all the mistakes.

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