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Many homes suffer from inconsistent interior doors, and trim is often one of the last things people consider when remodeling. These two items can significantly impact the cohesive look of your home. Also, depending on how old your interior doors are, or what materials they’re made out of, they may look dingy and might not fit easily, causing noise when opened or closed. Today’s interior doors come in many options from real solid, engineered or faux wood to fire resistant, bi-fold and pocket doors. The fastest and least inexpensive way to improve a home’s interior appearance is to install decorative baseboard, crown, and door moldings. The market for interior moldings and installation services is absolutely huge, both for home renovations and new construction. You can market your products and services to home builders, interior decorators, or directly to consumers seeking to upgrade their homes. Don’t underestimate the power of the front door. It greets guests, it boosts curb appeal, and it can even lower your utility bills. So, if you’re looking for a small, yet powerful update for your home, this might just be the one.