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Organizing and Staging: Many of our team members have been in the real estate business for years. Combined our team members have staged, bought, and sold in the thousands of properties including primary homes, vacation homes, rental and investment places, condos and town homes. In one year, our owner bought and sold 12 properties. All of her sold properties went under agreement the first day on MLS due to the proper staging. All of those properties also closed with the first buyer. Presenting your property for sale does not have to include any expensive remodeling. A touch of paint here and a closet straightening there and your home will have the best possible chance of obtaining the price point you are looking to achieve, with the no hassle close you want. Savvy buyers know that photo editing is a real estate agent's new best friend. Surprise and delight your potential buyers with offering an in person experience that is as good as your agent's photography. If you are in need of some organization or downsizing "stuff" we can quickly assist whether in person or remotely via video in deciding what to keep, what to donate, and what to trash. If you are in need of getting your property sold as easily as possible, our personalized staging assessment will help you decide what to do in order to obtain a quick and easy sale at a price point you desire.