The Latest From the Islands

April 13th, 2020 | by jthompson01

It is really quite eerie to have gone from peak season traffic to ghost town in a matter of ten days.  However, that is indeed what happened and it is now quieter than the dog daze of summer in Palm Ridge Plaza.  Due to our business supporting a lot of various needs of remote owners, one of us at a time are on the island in the showroom available if a client has any emergency needs.  While it is an easy commute, it is very tough to see our beautiful beaches completely empty and all of the bikers gone.  Most importantly, we do hope that this update finds our clients, families, friends, and business partners doing well and staying healthy where ever you may be.

One thing is for sure…you will all be welcomed home or welcomed back to a very clean, neat and organized Beach Floor & Decor.  There is nothing Lynn likes to do better than to clean, organize, re-arrange, decorate, and donate.  And she has kept us busy doing so for sure.

When ownership changed hands this past year, one thing was clear…there was going to be a lot more technology involved in what we do and how we do it.  The new owner has owned a lot of property vacation and otherwise and knows what it is like to renovate, remodel, or simply try to get some new appliances when you are not able to be at or near the property.  This is when trust and technology are a home owner and designer’s best friends.  So long before our world changed so dramatically, we had been training on Facetime, and Zoom, and Webex, and powerpoints, and enhancing our photography skills.  While it might have been painful for some of us, we are glad that we did not have to crash course all of this in order to continue to serve our clients needs.

So whether you want to take advantage of the quiet down time with no renters, or the product promotional pricing some of our vendor partners are offering at this time, or you simply want to see the beach from a Facetime call, we are here for you and will look forward to connecting with you all again sometime soon.

In the meantime, once again, best in health to all!