BF&D Newest Team Members

March 14th, 2021 | by jthompson01

Please join Beach Floor and Décor in welcoming two new team members!

We are so very excited to announce our newest team member, Katie Nixon, who joins the team as VP Client Sales and Service.  Katie will be the new calming presence you will interact with both on the phone and in email providing detailed updates as to where we are on your particular project or need.  She will be working with clients to schedule installs, provide updates, place orders, and most importantly providing a seamless connection between our valuable clients and our contractors and staff.  Katie is extremely creative and thrives on making things beautiful.  She is looking forward to helping our team write innovative and helpful blogs on all things remodeling.  Make sure to look out for new photos, new social media posts, and new blogs as she gets rolling as the newest member of our growing team.  If you want to reach her directly, please email her at or 239-395-2525 X702.

Having been with the team very successfully for nearly a year now, Eric Bertram, may not be a new name or face but we have yet to be able to officially welcome him to the team.  Eric came in day one and got right to work taking over most all of the foreman duties on our projects.  Eric works very hard consistently recruiting new and beneficial subcontractors as we continue to grow our roster of service providers.  He has already in his short time on the team made a big impact on the hiring, improved spec writing, and managing of our team of contractors and his efforts have shown in the ever increasing quality of work provided by the BF&D Team.  During his time with the team, he has also done numerous window treatments installs and finish carpentry work.  He is equally great at managing or executing on all of our client projects.  Before becoming a valued part of the BF&D team, Eric was passionate about serving our country in the US Army.  We are fortunate that he brings the capabilities he honed while being on the front lines to our team.  His ability to be calm under pressure, a strong leader, and a problem solver have become invaluable to our team and our clients.  To reach Eric, email him at or by phone at 239-395-2525 x701.